Marc’s experience

“Due to a communication error between the universities for my Erasmus application to do a semester abroad, I decided to do an internship instead. For this I chose the best possible city, because here you have the perfect combination of work experience in a foreign country and vacation feeling at the same time. From the […]

Aslis’s experience

“I attended the Erasmus program 3 years ago and I had the chance to live in Lisbon for 5 months. It was the most fascinating time of my life and I fell in love with this beautiful city! After I came back to Turkey, all I think about was going back to Lisbon again. I […]

Charlotte’s experience

“Lisbon is an amazing city that truly has something for everyone. From castles to viewpoints to the hustle and bustle of the Bairro Alto nightlife, I think that Lisbon can feel like home to anyone. Doing my Erasmus here was a great decision that I would make again in a heartbeat! I scheduled to spend […]

Nikoleta’s experience

“I will travel with you about a year ago when I was looking for a place and a  company to do my internship. Somewhere lost on the internet I found Placement in Portugal the company where he brought me in contact with my lovely Erasmus Life Lisboa. So I was fortunate and honored to work […]

Deborah’s experience

“Once I left Belgium at the airport, my new adventure in Lisbon began. In the beginning I was a bit nervous and afraid that I would not be able to enjoy this Erasmus experience because of the lockdown, but fortunately this was not the case. I was able to enjoy my Erasmus and meet new […]

Nati’s experience

Nati was one of our interns for 3 months in 2021, here you can read his testimonial: “My name is Natnael Ogbaselassie. I am 24 years old student from Belgium. I came to Lisbon, as an intern in Associação International Life Lisbon. Before that I have never lived in a big city such as Lisbon, […]

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