We could write a million reasons why Lisbon is so awesome, but we think these 5 are enough to convince you!

Reason #1: The Weather!
Lisbon and the sun have a love affair that is undeniable! Not only Lisbon has about 260 days of sunshine per year, but the sunlight itself is crucial to make Lisbon sparkle, and oh boy does it shine! So yes, the weather in Lisbon is definitely a plus when choosing to come to Lisbon, also let’s not forget that sunny skies mean warmer temperatures and that Lisbon has a mild, Mediterranean weather that rarely gets truly cold, usually you can expect around 15º and up! This is probably one of the main reasons why Lisbon has been so popular in the last few years, where else can you find a city full of history, attractions and monuments and can get an amazing tan at the same time?

Reason #2: The beaches!
Ok so Lisbon itself doesn’t have any beaches but in a 20min train ride from the city center you will find yourself in Praia do Tamariz, and I mean that literally cause the train stop is right at the beach! But there are many more beaches in less than 1hour travel from Lisbon such as Praia de São João in Costa da Caparica and Carcavelos, just a bit before Tamariz.
The major downside is that these beaches can get pretty crowded so if you are looking to find peaceful paradise beaches you can also join one of ELL’s Beach day and discover some unbelievable wild beaches less than 2hours away from Lisbon that will blow your mind!
Since we are on the topic of beaches lets not forget that Portugal is a surfers paradise and you should definitely try it, it’s easier than you think!


Reason #3: The nightlife!
Let’s face it, Erasmus is not about studying and the memories you will never forget are probably not in a classroom, but most probably in a club in a night you can barely remember. In my opinion a legendary night out is much more likely to forge a friendship that will survive the barrier of language, culture and distance than working on a midterm assignment. And trust me, Lisbon will provide you with many epic nights! From a pre-drinking session in Erasmus corner in Bairro Alto (which has over 200 bars in its tiny neighborhood) to the amazing clubs that will make you dance the night away until the sun rises. Since we talking about clubs it’s good to notice that the club scene in Lisbon can rival even the best underground clubs in Berlin to the mega clubs in Ibiza! Now, clubs and nightlife might be a bit expensive, unless you know a few tricks to party like Rockstar without spending like a Pop star.


Reason #4: The country!
So, one of the main reasons why Lisbon is such a great city to do your Erasmus in, is because the country itself is fantastic! But not just that, Portugal is tiny and that means you can explore a lot of it and still be back home and sleep in your bed in the same day. Day trips are definitely a big plus for doing Erasmus in Lisbon but weekend trips are definitely also a must as in one weekend you can visit both Spain and the UK! Ok so not really the UK but Gibraltar, but anyways check out our weekend trip to Gibraltar, Seville & Cordoba, we have at least one each semester. Back to Portugal now, and once we are mentioning the country, let’s not forget about the people in this country! Portuguese are known for being very welcoming and warm to foreigners (and everyone really) and the great thing is a lot of Portuguese people speak English, can understand and communicate in “portanhol” (Portuguese Spanish) and have basic notions of French and Italian. So if you find yourself lost is very likely that you will find somebody that will be able, and glad, to help you!

Reason #5: Viewpoints
Lisbon is the city of the 7 hills, legend says Ulysses fled from Greece to Portugal and founded the city the Greeks called ‘Olissipo’. He fell in love with Orphiussa, a serpent-Goddess. When Ulysses left Portugal to return to Troy, Orphiussa was distraught, and beat the ground with her huge tail, creating the 7 hills that we have today.

Here is the thing, Lisbon is so absolutely fantastic that even turned one of its major flaws into a positive! The hills in Lisbon might give you quite the work out, but aside from actually being healthy for you it is also the reason why Lisbon has such breathtaking viewpoints. No matter in which neighborhood you live in Lisbon you will probably find a great viewpoint not far from you. These viewpoints are usually filled with people playing music, drinking, hanging out, appreciating the view and the awesome weather I spoke about in the first point! Now I’m going to finish this post with a picture from my favorite viewpoint in Lisbon, Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte because believe me, it’s a huge climb to get here but once you do, you will say “WOW” and be absolutely speechless!

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