Marc’s experience

“Due to a communication error between the universities for my Erasmus application to do a semester abroad, I decided to do an internship instead. For this I chose the best possible city, because here you have the perfect combination of work experience in a foreign country and vacation feeling at the same time. From the office you can walk directly to Cais do Sodre, get on the train and an hour later you’re already standing on the surfboard. There are so many Erasmus students in Lisbon, so you will never get bored and you can do something new every day. From soccer to board game nights with a little beer or port wine, there is something for everyone.

I did my internship in the housing department of Erasmus Life Lisboa. My job was to develop the website and maintain new content. After consultation with my boss Paulo I was allowed to work a bit more flexible and partly in the home office. This freedom gave me the opportunity to have the full Erasmus experience with the other students and still gain work experience. Once you have earned trust through good and reliable work, you can also work more independently and contribute your own ideas, which is very nice. Especially worth mentioning are the super nice colleagues at ELL with whom you can drink a few beers and party in bars or at boat parties. The team is very young and you always meet new people in the office with whom you can do something after work.”

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