User’s Guide

User's Guide

Thinking about helping the students using our platform, we created this guide to show some of its features.

When accessing our home page you will have a dropdown where you will be able to choose the listing type you want to search for.

One is the listings that we have available in the current month while the others are:



When you want to rent a whole apartment for yourself. It can have a multitude of rooms.



When you want to rent a room in a flat with other rooms. This room can be rented with an extra tenant if you want to.

Room With Private Bathroom

Room With Private Bathroom

When you want to rent a room in a flat with other rooms that has a private bathroom for yourself.

Individual Room

Shared Room

When you want to rent a room only for yourself.

Shared Room

When you want to rent a room only for yourself.

Search by Location

You can search for flats close to the location you pretend to stay!

For that, you just need to search on the map for the location you want to look out for!

Let’s see if we can find an Individual Room close to ISEG | Lisbon School of Economics & Management.

In this video you can see how to do it:

Search by availability

Are you looking for listings starting from a specific month? Check in the search bar to see if you can find options from the month you are interested in.

Advanced Search

Sometimes even searching for the accommodation type is not enough to find the perfect option for you.
In those cases, you can use the advanced search to narrow the options shown.

Let’s find, for example, a room with a double bed, close to Alameda Metro station, with a budget of 450€ and the bills included.

To use the Advanced Search option, you need to click on the element to the left of the “Search” button and tick the elements accordingly.

As you can see below:

To use the Advanced Search and narrow your search, there are some filters that you can use. Here is how they can be used:


Depending on your budget, you can define the minimum and maximum price.

Number of bedrooms

It refers to the number of bedrooms the flat has.

Room Type

Refers to the type of bed the room has, or if you are renting a whole flat.


The amenities are the features of the listing, from the room and the flat itself. Whenever you want to have a listing with a particular item you can tick accordingly. You can choose more than one amenity at a time.

Close to

This element refers to the facilities that the flat has close by. If you want accommodation close to a specific metro or train station you can select it here.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the perfect accommodation, but just in case it’s still not clear make sure you message us by clicking on the blue button on the bottom right.

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